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America’s Guide to the Best USA Online Casinos

While we want to help you find the perfect online casino for you, you also need to be aware of some of the rogue traders among the online gambling sites. Our job is to make sure you get the best bonus offers from the most reliable casinos and, of course, win real money!

We bring American players the information they need to find legit online casinos and highlight blacklisted casinos to stop you squandering your hard earned cash. MuchoCasinos has a team of expert American casino players who give quality analysis and tips, leaving you with only one job: to play the game and win the roll!

How Online Casinos Work?

Top online casinos work just like any other land based casino, the only difference is that they can be accessed at all times as long as you have an internet device. There are plenty of quality casino games to choose from, everything from online slots to live casinos can be accessed from the palm of your hand.


These virtual casinos allow you to make wagers on all games and offer fantastic casino bonuses, including the fabled welcome bonuses to new sign ups! Be aware of the wagering requirements with these; sometimes offers are too good to be true. To be sure you’re getting a good deal just check out our casino reviews before signing up and we’ll give you the low-down on all the important info.


You can go to any online casino simply by heading to the casino site in your browser. Some internet browsers work better than others, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. MuchoCasinos recommends Chrome to be guaranteed good gameplay.


So the main question now is, of course…

How to Find the Best Online Casino for You?

Bonus Points!

Legal Status of Online Casinos in the United States

Online casinos are restricted in most states with only Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey offering the opportunity for residents to legally gamble at online casinos. In most cases you need to be located in these states to be able to gain access to online casino platforms.


Reputable casinos with active licenses will take it upon themselves to track the physical location of users in order to ensure they are accessing the site legally. While there is much talk of ongoing chances to regulations in across the States, this is how it is at the moment.


In order to be guaranteed your payout it is advised to check your States legislation before signing up and save yourself a lot of hassle. We will update MuchoCasinos with any changes to legislation and welcome all new, legal players to our game.

Reputable Online Casinos: What you need to know


Casinos working in the USA must have proper iGaming licenses which are awarded by Gaming Control Boards. To be awarded these licenses the online casino must meet a large number of different criteria and be vetted on a regular basis. Online casinos operating in America can, and do, loose their license if they fail to meet the criteria and are no longer acting as a safe gaming portal. When this happens we will report it and the casino will be added to the blacklist.


Online casinos operating under a legitimate license have been given permission to legally provide a gambling portal to the public. They have passed rigorous, ongoing tests and received approval from international gambling authorities and organizations.


Additional certificates are awarded to demonstrate honesty and legitimacy. An example of some of these certificates are ones from TST or eCOGRA. These organizations test the Random Number Generator (RNG) and payout rates of the casinos to ensure fair play on all parts.


Various licenses are awarded from a number of casino standards and tests. Sometimes you will see online casino sites displaying a variety of gaming licenses form the same Gaming Authority. These represent different levels of awards.


Some of these licenses can be in relation to the form of games the online casino is allowed to offer, or the level of security or a plethora of other awards.  The most common, and therefore most reliable, licenses you will come across are from:


You can usually find the casinos license displayed at the bottom of the page or in the casinos “About Us” page. To ensure it is genuine you should look to see this notification includes the type of license, number, country and date of issue.


Licenses and certificates are similar but they are awarded by different bodies. While licenses are often awarded by government agencies, certificates are given by independent organizations.


These independent organizations put the online casino games to the test. They will check everything from how fair the games are, relative payout value of specific slot machines and that all players are given a reasonable chance of winning.


eCOGRA in particular will stress test the security of a casino site to ensure the games all have a chance of winning, there are secure payment options on offer, the Random Number Generator (RNG) offers a good Return to Player (RTP) and all the players are safely playing within a securely encrypted environment.


While there are a reasonable number of casino software developers in the game, the majority of casinos will have the same casino games on offer to players. To make them stand out from the crowd most, if not all, will offer a range of casino bonuses to increase your bankroll.


While some casinos will offer unique bonuses most will offer the following to both new and loyal players:

When used correctly these bonuses can significantly increase your bankroll, not to mention, your chances of a big win.

Mobile Friendliness

All new casinos offer a mobile compatible platform with iOS, Android and Windows phones. Some other handsets may have more difficulty but with the rise of responsive sites, you should have little issue. Some of the older casinos, however, may not be as easy to play on the go.


We have reviewed the quality sites and come up with a list of some of the best smarphone casinos and mobile gambling apps on the American market. Not only do they provide quality games on a good interface, but also allow players to avail of great bonuses and cash out easily. If you’re sitting on the sofa watching a RomCom with your girl, you can always slip in a quick spin and, who knows, you could be taking her on a yacht in the morning!

Play Casino Games at Trusted Casinos

Our fun is very dependent on the software providers. These guys work in the background to create all the table and slot games the casino serves to us on a delicious platter. In order to survive the cut throat business of casino game development these providers rely on intricate algorithms and Random Number Generators (RNG). All of these elements come together to determine which player receives a good payout and which will have to wait for the next spin.


We don’t just take their word for it either. Each game is rigorously tested on an ongoing basis so we can be sure they are not being influenced by third-parties and are acting completely randomly. One of the best ways to feel completely safe when playing casino games online is to choose games from the best know software developers in the game. Play safely and increase your chances of a hitting a life changing jackpot.


We always like to share the knowledge so after you’ve played come back and let us know what you thought by submitting a rating on the review pages!

And What about Live Casino Games?

Live dealer casino games offer players a fully immersive casino experience from the comfort of their own home. It’s the closest thing to being James Bond you can do without having to drink a dry martini, although you can if you want to!


Live casino can be the most daunting of all the online casino games. It’s incredibly realistic; you are sitting playing cards and having a chat with a live dealer. It can be strange. Most worry that that the dealers can see them or will know where they live. But this is all untrue. Playing at a live dealer online casino is just as safe as playing any other casino game on offer. They dealers will make small talk and enjoy your company but have no access to your account so they know nothing other than what you tell them while sitting at the table.

Is My Information Secure?

Casinos need to verify you are a real person to process payouts. To do this they require you to input some personal information such as your date of birth, full name, address, phone number and, depending on what payment option you choose, your bank details. Trusted casinos will never share your personal information with third parties and use a number of technologies to ensure it is stored securely. The only way to be certain the casino lives up to the required standards is to read reviews and only play with trusted casinos, MuchoCasinos will point you in the right direction along the way.

Legitimate online casinos will include all of the following on their site:

Always check for these two elements. If they are not there simply check back with MuchoCasinos to find a legitimate casino.

Safe Money Transfers To and From Your Casino Account

All this talk about winning real money online may have you thinking how are you going to put any money into your casino account? Most casinos will offer a range of options for both depositing and withdrawals. You need to be careful when choosing your deposit method as many of these will only allow you to put money into your online casino account but it will not allow you to take it back out into the same account. Be sure you have the ability to claim your winnings!


Bank transfers and credit cards are the classic go to option. PayPal and other eWallets are there for those who don’t want to pass over their full bank details. There are also prepaid cards like Paysafe Cards accepted in casinos which give users better control over their spending. Then for those cell phone fans there are super convenient options to pay by mobile phone. MuchoCasinos provides in depth reviews of the most popular and up and coming casino deposit & withdrawal methods so you can make an informed decision.


Players can also be safe in the knowledge that the trusted online casinos ensure your bankroll is safe by employing the same protection and encryption as international banks. This is a major factor in these casinos gaining and holding onto their licenses and certificates.


The speed of transfers is one con of online casinos. It generally does not take long to transfer your money into your online casino account. But when you win, it’s a different story. Depending on the size of the win players will be required to submit a number of forms to prove your identity. This is a legal requirement to ensure neither you nor the casino are getting scammed. It can be annoying but once the prize money comes through it no longer matters.

Who is MuchoCasinos?

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