Casino bonus US: Online casino bonuses

Land-based casinos offer a friendly and fantastic atmosphere, whatever the table or setting you are in. There is a kind of excitement that makes their experience truly unique. It is true that this aspect is sometimes difficult to find in online casinos, even if virtual gambling rooms have an undeniable advantage over their distant cousins: they offer online casino bonuses to their players! Indeed, as long as you are a member of an online casino, you are lucky enough to be able to claim bonuses. Did you just register? You are entitled to a welcome bonus! Would you like to fund your account? You are eligible for a reload bonus! Do you want to invite friends? A refer-a-friend bonus specially designed for this purpose awaits you! A simple deposit can sometimes be enough to double your bankroll at online casinos!

Types of Best casino bonuses

Before listing the many bonuses distributed at an online casino, it will be important to confirm the complete reliability and legality of the structure. In addition, the provision of games without downloading, with easy access, and sometimes free of charge, will allow you to ensure that the bonuses provided will be in line with the entertainment selection that suits you.

The Most Popular Bonus: The Welcome Bonus

First of all, you should know that every online casino offers what are called online casino bonuses. There are different types of casino bonuses, we will look to start with the welcome offer that is considered by many players as the best and most sought after casino bonus.

The principle of welcome bonuses is simple: after registering and making a deposit into your real money casino account, the online casino management gives you a percentage of the money paid. Thus, a 100% welcome bonus will allow you to double your capital, for example, and play longer to try to win more. Bonuses allow you to enjoy all categories of online casino games (live, flash and mobile versions) and can also subtract free spins on slot games. These bonuses are only available to new players following the completion of their registration and therefore the verification of their information by the site services.

No Deposit

These bonuses, available mainly through new casino brands, are mainly materialized by the provision of free credits and to be played immediately, simply by registering. These offers are directly to be used at many casinos in America, but also around the world, and the use of certain exclusive free bonus codes will sometimes be necessary.

Free Spin

As part of no-deposit bonuses, through codes, or even in addition to a welcome offer that we will describe in the following section, there are many free spins bonuses. Their use will focus mainly on slot machines, especially those with progressive jackpots functionality.

Welcome Bonus

This will be the standard offer of many online casinos dedicated to American gamblers, these bonuses allow you to optimize the first deposits you make there. A certain ratio of additional credits will be added in correlation with your investments, and the automatic contribution of free tokens will very generally be capped. But rest assured, the resulting winnings will be cashable, after meeting the wagering requirements.


American players like to compete against other players, apply their own strategies, whether it is a table game or even on slot machines, and get a very profitable reward. It is then a ranking system over a given period, very often monthly, in order to benefit from a bonus in addition to the gains already made at the casino, and can even take the form of surprise prizes.

Reload and Cashback:

These two promotions will be the most regular in time, and you will be able to benefit from them at least once a week. The bonuses offered by online casinos will be a valuable addition to your deposits, as part of a reload, or to give you a second chance, if you notice a total loss of your cashback bets on the platform. Here again, a cap will have to be considered, as well as very specific betting conditions.

Online casino bonus for specific games

Some online casino bonuses are more specific. If a player is awarded one of these bonuses they will be required to make use of them via a specific game at the casino. An example of the most common form of these can be found below:

Slot Machines

By using slot games free of charge and without downloading, you will be able to establish a certain strategy before switching to real money mode, and optimize your chances of winning with the casinos’ bonuses. Very often, it will be the offers without deposit, or free spin, that will be counted by the use of free online slot machines on casino platforms, but generally speaking, it is almost all promotions that will be profitable on slots.

Table Games

Very regularly, casinos offer bonuses through tournaments, and it is mainly the gaming tables that will be considered by these offers. This is why a perfect knowledge of the rules of blackjack or an immediate knowledge of the various variants of roulette will be essential in order to be able to claim a rather honorable but above all profitable final ranking. A few live sessions with live dealer games may also be subject to these promotions on online casinos, but this will rarely be the case.

Video Poker

While free spins or welcome bonuses are generally used in casino slot machines, some features related to video poker may be included in the terms and conditions. It is true that these applications are not so far from the slots, except that the basic rules of poker will have to be known.


Much rarer, but this can still happen, especially through bonus codes on online casinos, with the contribution of some free Keno or Bingo grids, and whose winnings are cashable. These offers will come more from the lottery publishers themselves than from online betting institutions.

Are You Eligible for Online Casino Bonuses?

It is not enough to register and deposit money to qualify for a welcome bonus casino. Our partner casinos comply with the laws and standards in force and if you really want to make the most of their offers, you must duly comply with the following conditions:

Can a Casino Bonus Allow Players to Play Casino Games for Free?

Did you know that with a certain type of online casino bonus you can play for free on the site of your choice? First of all, we must differentiate between two categories of casino bonuses: deposit bonuses (discussed above) and no-deposit bonuses. The no-deposit bonus is considered by many players to be the best bonus because it makes the casino free.

Indeed, this type of free online casino bonus is obtained without transferring money to your account and gives you the right to a certain amount of money that you can use on casino games in the operator’s game library. These free casino bonuses are usually obtained thanks to a promotional code that you can find on the internet or on our website in the section that ranks the top casinos, like us here at Mucho Casinos! Play roulette, poker, blackjack, slot machines without spending a penny, that’s amazing, isn’t it?

What types of bonuses are available in the “online casino bonus” family? Here is the lexicon of the bonus

It should be noted that the category of online casino bonuses is not only about the welcome bonus. There are actually various types of bonuses such as those that reward you for your birthday or loyalty bonuses (like a loyalty card in a store, you get benefits to thank you for your activity on the site).

Whether on the flash or cell phone version, it is then necessary to know that all operators set up regular promotions. Each promotion has its own specificities and conditions depending on the casino’s choice. You can therefore win free spins on slot machines, cash bonuses, euro bonuses on your account at a certain rate and depending on the amount of your deposit, with or without a bonus code. Some bonuses are only available on a certain day of the week or during a certain period of the day, such as happy hour bonuses for example.

How to Find the Best Online Casino Bonuses

Since every online casino is an online casino with a welcome bonus, determining the best virtual casino according to your expectations is not easy. In order to find the operator that meets your criteria and is recognized as a reliable casino, we recommend that you read a casino review. As we offer you on our site, casino reviews analyze all operator services. Our team has taken great care to evaluate everything to ensure that nothing is missing: reliability and security and that the online casino has a gaming license, quality of the games library and the services offered (customer support, payment options etc.) not to mention the bonuses. Finding your online casino with bonus offers will become child’s play: simple, fast and free, what more could you ask for?

Now that you know everything about casino bonuses, you are ready to benefit from the promotions of our partner casinos. They are a great opportunity to have fun with free money and, in the best of cases, to enrich yourself greatly. If you have any further questions about the welcome bonuses, feel free to write to us.

Best casino bonus: details to be aware of

Before obtaining bonus codes or even promotional offers of any kind on casinos, it is important to take into account some reliability criteria, but also within the framework of wagering conditions.

To fully appreciate an automatic complement of free credits, it is necessary to ensure that the online casino dedicated to American players is not only legal, but also provides all the guarantees of total reliability, and with which users commenting on their adventure will be fully satisfied. As we know, the purpose of these promotions is to get real money from players, so we need to be careful. And some information makes it very easy to ensure this, starting with the license, but also the redistribution rates of the platform, certified upstream by a Random Number Generator permanently audited by an independent organization.

In addition, by subscribing to a bonus, you sign a contract binding you to the casino. This is what we will call the betting conditions. And in many cases, you will have to store up to 30 times, or even 60 times in rare cases, the cumulative amount of the deposit and bonus. This will be one of the most important terms if you want your withdrawal request to be fully accepted and validated.

Let’s not forget to remember that online gambling can be addictive, and that some casinos will not hesitate to raise you by using many bonuses so that you can never withdraw your winnings, or even prevent you from closing your account. You have to be wary of this influence, talk about it around you, contact special services, and stay away for a long time from anything related to online betting.

US online casino bonus: How to Retrieve Your Bonus Code

After discovering the sites that will allow you to find the multitude of free bonus codes at American online casinos, it is now important to enjoy them right now, and it will happen in a few very simple steps.

Step 1:

The registration at the casino described in the bonus code terms and conditions will be required. This is how you can transcribe the code provided, as well as discover the addition of credits or free spin included in the offer. By registering, you will simply need to enter your identity, choose a username, password, email address, choose a banking option, and provide all the supporting documents, essential for future withdrawal requests.

Step 2:

Now use the chips or free spins provided by the bonus code on the online casino game of your choice, unless the wagering conditions stipulate that they will be used on a specific slot machine or table game such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker. The wagering requirements will also have to be considered, and let’s not forget that it is the free chips or spins that will be used first during your session, before starting your player balance.

Step 3:

Cash out your winnings in a few minutes after you have fully used this free bonus code on the casino in question. To do this, first meet the wagering requirements as we will see in the next section, and then go through the “Cashier” or “Bank” section of the online casino to make a withdrawal request and specify the amount you want to appear on your account. If all terms and conditions have been met, a maximum of 5 business days will be considered before you can take advantage of your winnings. Depending on the method of operation chosen at the time of registration, the time limits for withdrawals will vary.

Best us casino bonus: How to Withdraw Your Winnings

There are several terms and conditions that must be respected when you subscribe to a bonus before you can immediately benefit from the gains made by this contribution of free chips or free spins on the casino. These restrictions are offered as a commercial contract, and bind you to the establishment for a limited time.

The first thing to know is the betting conditions. If it is stipulated that you must make an investment in the casino of 30 times the combined deposit and bonus, it means that you must play at least 30 times the wagers you have already made through the promotion. If you receive €$00 free for an immediate investment of $100, the total amount will be $200, and you will need to play $6,000 before you can make a withdrawal. The wagering requirements may stipulate up to 60 times the cumulative amount of the deposit and bonus, but this will be in rare cases.

There will also be a certain amount of bets not to be exceeded. Indeed, all spin bets on slot machines or around a casino table will be restrictive if you want the bonus to be considered during your game. This will not always be the case, but it can happen.

And finally, by obtaining certain bonus codes without deposit on virtual casinos, you will have to make a minimum deposit before you can enjoy the winnings made with this free and immediate discovery of the few games included in the offer. And this condition will be specified more often than you might think, and it will be a way to link you more closely to the new 2017 brand or those to come in 2018.

Try Games for Free First

With current trends, many platforms now allow you to enjoy your favorite games on a desktop computer, but also on mobile media. The bonuses will be available in both formats, but we recommend that you take full advantage of the use of free and immediately accessible online games without downloading before embarking on a real money adventure at a casino. This method allows you to discover the features and applications that suit you best, to discover your gambling identity, which is rather “cautious” or risk-taking, and above all to create some strategies that will certainly optimize your chances of success, even if it is a matter of chance. The example of setting up bets on a slot machine, in correlation with the number of paylines, allows you to configure the volatility of the machine, and in accordance with the redistribution rate, if the volatility is high, you will see more regular losses, but exceptional gains, or otherwise, more regular gains, but less flattering. Find all the online games, and an exceptional offer of free slot machines from the best casino software, and new creations to come in 2019.