Casino welcome bonus

When signing up at any American online casino, many players only have eyes for the welcome bonus they receive to boost their gaming experience. If you don’t know what this type of bonus is and would like to benefit from it, let us define the concept for you. Read on for more information and register in one of our casinos to get one!

What are casino welcome bonuses?

The major difference between land-based casinos and their online cousins is that the latter offer a wide range of casino bonuses to attract new players. The welcome bonus is undoubtedly the most popular. It will allow you to play longer and increase your earnings. A welcome bonus is a monetary gift offered to new subscribers. Players receive this bonus as soon as they register at the casino of their choice after making a deposit. Many casinos will offer you an exclusive bonus to face the competition. As a general rule, the bonus will be credited as soon as the player has made his deposit. If you do not intend to make a deposit, you are free to receive a no-deposit bonus or free spins when you register.

Features of casino sign up bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the most attractive bonuses on the market. The player will receive his welcome bonus after registering his account. The bonus will be credited to you when you deposit money into your player account. If it is not deposited, some casinos will require the player to contact customer support to activate it, check your account before you start to play. There are different types of welcome bonuses: Cash Match, Staggered Cash Match and Make Your Own Bonus.

Why use casino registration bonus?

You may be wondering why you would want to use a welcome bonus. Sign-up bonuses allow you to inflate your bankroll and stay in the game longer. As soon as you meet the wagering requirements, you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

Types of welcome bonuses

There are several types of welcome bonuses. We have listed them below:

Deposit Match

The most common type of bonus offered in online casinos is the cash match. As you browse through the different casinos, you will find that many of them will offer you a bonus of “xxx% free”. To be honest, the bonus is not totally free. In most cases, you will need to make an initial deposit before you can receive your reward. You are free to deposit $100, $500 or $1,000. However, the more money you deposit, the higher the amount of your bonus will be. The percentage of the bonus varies from one casino to another. For example, you may see casinos offering 100% where another offers 200%. If you choose to register in a casino with a 100% sign-up bonus, you will be eligible for a maximum of $200.

Pro tip: before registering carefully read the terms and conditions for obtaining the welcome bonus. Remember you will have to meet wagering requirements to withdraw any winnings.

Staggered Cash Match

A staggered Cash Match bonus will give you a higher percentage if you deposit more money. For example, if you deposit $50, you will receive a 50% bonus. If you deposit $100, it will be 100%. Some casinos will also allow you to make multiple deposits.

Make Your Own Bonus

In addition to Cash Match and Staggered Cash Match, you will also have the opportunity to receive another type of bonus, which will depend on the amount you deposit. However, you will need to make a minimum deposit to earn your bonus. By obtaining this type of welcome bonus, the casino will give you credit to consume for a defined period of time. You will need to use the free casino money wisely. You will pocket the money you earn during this period. This will be your welcome bonus. If you haven’t had a chance to win a single win, most online casinos will give you a consolation prize.

Tips and tricks

Start looking for the best bonuses!

Over the past 20 years, online casinos have grown in popularity to the point where they compete with land-based casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau. Needless to say, the web is full of online casino bonuses. If you are looking for one, don’t focus your attention on the first one you find. Do some research! Also, remember that casinos increase the value of their bonuses from time to time. Stay on your toes!

Find out about the bonus percentage and the maximum amount!

Before registering on a site, compare the percentage of its welcome bonus with that of competing platforms. Also find out the maximum amount you will be able to glean after you make your deposit.

Please read carefully the terms and conditions of the bonus award!

After receiving your welcome bonus, you will not always be able to withdraw your money immediately. In reality, you will first have to meet certain betting requirements. Don’t throw yourself at a no-holds-barred bonus! Be assured that you will be informed of the conditions for passing on any $$!

Focus on the games that contribute most to meeting these betting requirements!

Most games will help to gradually meet the betting requirements. However, not all games contribute in the same way. See the complete list of games that will help meet the betting requirements.

You can refuse the welcome bonus of an online casino!

When you register, you are under no obligation to accept their welcome bonus. If the casino does not have a welcome offer that meets your long-term expectations or you simply do not have the patience to meet the wagering requirements, we advise you to register in another casino or decline their bonus.

Play with your own money to get your bonus!

Usually, online casinos will allow you to play with your own bankroll before you dive into your bonus money. In some cases, you may be able to win a large amount of money before using your bonus amount. Other casinos will allow you to withdraw your winnings without having to meet the wagering requirements. It will all depend on the casino in which you have decided to register. If so, we recommend that you withdraw your money and decline your bonus.

Check out our official list of online casinos before you register!

Before registering in an online casino, we suggest that you consult our official list of online casinos above. Our experts have listed the different bonuses of our partners to help you make your choice.


Which one of you has never dreamed of swimming in bundles of money? By taking advantage of a welcome bonus, you willbe closer to achieving your dream. No more time to lose. Get your welcome bonus today and become a star of the online game!