Smartphone Casino

Enjoy the thrill of the casino where ever you are with smartphone casinos and casino apps! Discover list of American mobile casino sites and take your game on the road!

Online casino no longer confines players to their PC or laptop, now players can log on via their cell phone or tablet and play wherever and whenever they please! No need to miss out on huge jackpots or practicing that table game – a good internet connection is all that is needed!

Casino software providers are making all new releases compatible with cell phones and tablets. But since the demand for such mobile gambling sites is relatively new there are some older games and casinos that still need to catch up. You can find out how to access your favorite casino on your mobile device by reading our casino reviews.

Nonetheless, as the popularity of smartphone and mobile devices continues to grow we can identify a solid trend. Most users will be using Android or iOS powered smartphones and tablets with high resolution screens. If your device falls into this category then you will have no issue finding a range of casino games to play! If your cell phone has a Windows operating system or is a Blackberry, you will also find what you need. Read on to find out more!

Play at Smartphone Casinos

Some traditionalist may insist on sitting at a table looking at a monitor for the duration of their game time. We here, at MuchoCasinos, are determined to spread the word that this is no longer necessary! Our cell phones are more powerful than the computer they used to put a man on the moon; it can deliver a superb gaming experience too!

Most smartphone casinos have been developed to be independently fantastic, not just the desktop site scaled down. Images, buttons, graphics and layout have all been adapted to fit the player. The flow of the interface is improved to provide easy navigation, players will feel just a comfortable finding their game while grabbing a coffee as sitting on their sofa! There are no obstacles to playing at a mobile gambling site whatever device you choose.

It’s important to remember that not all casinos are as developed, there are many who have yet to make the switch. These more old-school establishments present players with an almost unusable mobile casino site while all new casinos offer state-of-the-art mobile gaming experience.. It is up to you, as a player, to filter through the noise and find a mobile casino or mobile gambling app that offers quality gaming experience, lucrative bonuses and the casino games you want to play. That’s where we come in! MuchoCasinos will guide you through the noise to your next win!

We apply high standards to our list of casino sites. Each needs to give players an exciting experience on their mobile device. Find some of the best mobile picks on the list below!

The best online casinos, i.e. the ones we have listed, give players a chance to practice their games via free play mode or take the jump and play for real money. The mobile slots and table games have been adapted to work with touch screens so whatever you want to do you can play the way that works best for you.

Most casinos can be accessed on your cell phone or tablet using the normal browser (e.g. Chrome or Safari). Some online casinos have gone a step further to please the players by creating mobile gambling apps. These are generally not available in the App or Play Store. When you visit the casino site using the browser a pop-up will alert you to this App-y opportunity!

Why would a player choose to download an app over simply visiting the mobile casino site, I hear you ask. Well, the casino will reward app users with bigger and better casino bonuses, some exclusive offers and overall a slightly more VIP service. If you want to be treated like royalty, then this is certainly the best option.

Time of Smartphone Casinos & Mobile Gambling Apps

Playing online casino on your cell phone has not always been easy. For many years it was a massive pain. But, we have finally reached a time when it is a pleasure to play on a cell phone or tablet.

iPad & iPhone Online Casino

iPhones and iPads are the best-selling mobile devices in the States. Online casinos know this and have designed their online platform accordingly. Some of the bigger players will have specialized mobile gambling apps designed specifically to work on iPhones and iPads. For those that want to jump around various casino sites the easiest option is to simply enter the URL. When you enter the site in this way you will be automatically directed to the mobile optimised version – no need to enter a different URL. This version will have almost the same functionality with a simpler design so it all fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Around 95% of all online slots will be available to you on you iOS device and there are many more casino games to choose from; you will miss nothing!

Our pro tip for playing on either iPad or iPhone is to play in landscape mode, it’s just better.

There is, of course, a downside that’s worth mentioning. Newer versions of the iPhone work incredibly well, but the older iPhone models are not as good. The software the mobile casinos use is not fully compatible with the older OS and the screen resolution is a little too small to allow for full functionality. If you are lucky enough to have one of the newer models, like the iPhone 6 or above, then you will see no issues. You may even prefer it to your laptop!

Android Casino

Android cell phones and tables are incredibly popular. Since Android operating system is used on a lot more devices than iOS more people are likely to be using this operating system to access mobile casino sites. The main issue that Android users have when using their devices for mobile gambling apps is the difficulty they will experience when trying to locate the apps on the Google Play Store. Google blocks casino apps.

But fear not! If your mobile casino of choice offers an app and you visit it on your Android you will be prompted to install the app. Since this is an App installed from outside the Google environment you will need to allow sideloading of apps to your device. This can be easily done in the security settings of your Android cell phone or tablet. Always be sure you are installing a legitimate app from a reliable casino!

If this seems like too much work you can always simply visit the mobile casino site and play in your browser. MuchoCasinos’ expert players have had the best results when using Chrome.

Mobile Gambling Apps

We have shared some information about casino apps. In recent years there was a fad for Mobile Gambling Apps amoung online casinos that wanted to target the cell phone market. In more recent times these casinos have perfected the responsive site design so mobile users are now able to enjoy a comfortable gaming experience from their browser. This option is less hassle for both the player, as there is no download needed, and the casino, as they no longer need to create a separate app, so it has become the default option.

Some mobile casino sites will still create an app for users. Some players enjoy the more instant approach to gambling in this way; saves your log in details, can be kept on your cell’s desktop etc. If you enjoy these conveniences then reliable apps such as those from Mr Green, Casumo and LeoVegas are quality options.

Mobile Casino Sites & Gambling Apps on Other Devices

Not everyone has one of the most dominant brands of cell phone or tablet. Windows cell phones and tablets are gaining market share. Mobile casino sites and apps function just as well on a Windows cell as they do on a Windows laptop. The beauty of these mobile devices is that they share the same operating system as a desktop. In fact, if you are a Windows cell phone user, you are in for the smoothest of all gaming experiences!

Blackberries are catered for at by most of the larger casinos. These cell phones do have restricted choice on what casino games and online casino sites they can access. But, as long as the casinos mobile site is built to be properly responsive you will be able to play as much as you like!

How Do Smartphone Casinos Work?

Short answer: smartphone casinos work the same as a typical online casino!

As usual, mobile casino players will need to register with their chosen casino. It’s simple to complete this process on a compatible cell phone or tablet, all you need to do is follow the instructions once you arrive to the site.

Once you are all set up you are able to deposit and withdraw funds, play for real money and enjoy lucrative casino bonuses. Some mobile casino sites and gambling apps will even give exclusive bonuses to mobile players!

Difference between mobile and online casino

The main difference between online casinos and mobile online casinos is that you are now free to play wherever you like. You can even log into the same account across devices if at some stage you feel like sitting at your desktop.

Mobile casinos are mini, streamlined versions of the full desktop online casino. The same platform is used to host both versions so you are rewarded with the same exciting experience across both platforms. All you need to do is log in and choose your game!

There are some differences that are worth noting. The design on your mobile casino or mobile gambling app is cleaned out to fit neatly on the smaller display. The result is less text and more images. This also results in less information been given to mobile players. All the essential information is present, but the fluff is stripped out.

Mobile casinos may force players to adapt their gameplay to work with touchscreens. This is only an issue for veteran players who are in the habit of playing on larger monitors. Playing on a touchscreen does have a more intimate effect on the player as reactions are more immediate than using a mouse; this is a minor issue to bear in mind.

The main difference that tends to irk players is the fact that they will find less games adapted to their mobile device. New games coming on the market are all being design with mobile play in mine, but some of the older classics simply do not work on mobile. You will find plenty of slot machines and table games to choose from and the available portfolio is constantly growing.

Adding it all up, the pros far outweigh the cons. But it is good to know what you are getting into before you sign up!

Play at the Best Smartphone Casinos

Once you are set up at an online casino you will be able to log in via your mobile account. One of the best ways to test a smartphone casino is to use the free play option or the no deposit bonus. This will allow mobile players to access the games and see how they work on their device and give a good indication of whether it is worth depositing funds into the casino or moving onto the next option.

The enjoyment that a player will receive from playing at a Smartphone Casino or mobile gambling app can be dependent on the type of device they are using. Mobile gambling sites perform better with devices which have higher specs. To enjoy the best smartphone casino experience you should be sure that you device has sufficient RAM, a good screen resolution and is fast. If your device is only a few years old this will not be an issue.

The quality of the internet connection is an important factor. It is not recommended to play real money games on a device that has spotty internet connection, doing this can result in lost bankroll. To have a better chance of winning real money at a mobile casino site, players need to ensure they have a strong and stable internet connection. MuchoCasinos advises using WiFi or a 3G network or stronger.

Online Mobile Casino Games

Players may have a slightly smaller range of games to choose from when playing at a mobile casino but they certainly will not be left wanting for more! There are quality versions of slots, table games, live casinos and more at your fingertips.

Casino software developers are taking the move to mobile seriously. NetEnt, one of the largest casino software developers in the game, has even created a specialist mobile engine called NetEnt Touch. All NetEnt’s new casino games are built using this efficient platform which has resulted in a wealth of exciting new mobile casino games to choose from.

NetEnt are not alone is this push for high quality mobile casino gaming, other big players, like Microgaming and Play’n Go, are joining the force!

As with online casinos on desktop, the most popular online mobile casino games are slot machines. Mobile slots offer the lowest barrier to entry with the highest probable returns.

Table games, like Blackjack or Baccarat, are popular. But there players need to do their research before sitting at one of these tables. Also, the amount of information that needs to be displayed on a mobile device pushes players towards playing on a laptop instead of a cell phone. For the best mobile gaming experience with table games MuchoCasinos advises players to use a tablet!

Mobile Bonuses & Jackpots

Online casinos rely on generous welcome bonuses to attract new players. American players can always skip around multiple casinos to make the most of these offers (just be aware of the wagering requirements).

Some mobile casino sites and gambling apps will entice players to play on their cell phones or tables with the lure of exclusive mobile offers. These take many forms across the various smartphone casinos. Players can expect free spins, match bonuses, cashbacks and more!

If you are left dreaming of a big win you need to check out the mobile jackpot slots. Mega Moolah is the best known progressive slot. A record breaking $20.7million USD payout was awarded to a British soldier in 2015. This type of slot offers life-changing wins on every spin! They have been adapted for mobile play, just look for the “Touch” version, e.g. Mega Moolah Touch.

For players who are already signed up on the desktop version of a casino, it’s advisable to log on using your cell phone or tablet et the best promotions and bonuses. MuchoCasino’s favorite is to play on a tablet. We get all the portability of a cell phone with the usability of a large screen. It definitely makes for the best gameplay!


Are mobile casinos safe?

Short answer: yes.

Smartphone casinos and mobile gambling apps are as safe as the online casino you access using your laptop. Be certain you are using a legitimate mobile casino by:

How can I deposit and withdraw money?

Reputable online casinos will offer mobile players an variety of payment methods to choose from. Payment can be set up easily from your cell or tablet.

The most common forms of online casino deposit methods are:

Players need to be aware that casinos will often accept a deposit using a certain type of payment method but will be unable to process payouts in the same way. Prepaid cards are an example. Players are able to make a deposit using this method but their winnings will need to be processed using an alternate method, like a bank transfer.

Information on what payment types are accepted in a specific casinos can be found in our casino reviews or at the casino site itself.

If you have any questions or comments on mobile casinos or gambling apps reach out to use – MuchoCasinos is happy to help! Happy mobile gambling!