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Welcome to the best collection of online casino games! On this site you will find  casino games without downloading, registration or commitment. You can play to discover the new features, to be ready when you play for real money or just to have some fun & improve your skillz!

You will also find online casino reviews, news and exclusive casino bonuses. By staying informed and playing at the most reliable online casinos, you can have fun in the best conditions to win. Get informed and best of luck to all!

What Kind of Casino Games Do We Cover

We have grouped the online casino games by the main game types. You will quickly find your favorite games and here are all the categories present:

Slot machines

Called slots, pokies, or one armed bandits, slot machine games are the most popular casino games in the casino world. Whether it is in 3 reels or 5 reels, with 10 or 30 paylines, a slot machine is always a new adventure and story. Since a few years we have many 3D slot machines that are absolutely beautiful, we let you visit our category and use our “3D Game” filter to find them quickly, you will not be disappointed!


This is the most popular card game in land-based casinos, it cannot be missed at your online casino either! You get as close as 21 without jumping and beating the house… but there’s nothing like a good workout on a  blackjack game, and you can also master the rules and strategies for having fun and making money.


The most popular board game! Especially for players who like martingales and game methods, the game of roulette is intoxicating and yet remains a very simple game. Lovers of simple chances, dozens, columns or even playing on simple numbers, everyone finds their style according to their aversion to risk. Make your bets, nothing is going well!

Video Poker

A subtle mix between a slot machine and poker. Very effective these games are interesting because there is a little more strategy than a simple slot, trying to keep the right cards as the draws go by. Varying the bets and trying out variants will allow you to increase your pleasure.


Keno is a game mainly known for its physical version with a ball draw broadcast on TV. Online casinos quickly realized that this game was popular and set up versions of Keno online.

Scratch games

The scratch game also includes the physical version of the scratch tickets, so it is very easy to play it by scratching symbols with the mouse.


If you’ve never tried craps online before, don’t hesitate to discover it. Less known than the other games in the list, Craps offers exciting gameplay to players. It is said that you cannot emulate the excitement of the Craps table online, but we have selected the casinos that do the best job in just that. It’s a game that is not to be missed.


A game played at the base by the elderly… that’s the idea we have of it. But online bingo has revived this game to become one of the most popular among younger women. It’s a great evening and now available to everyone without the need to locate a Bingo Hall.


The direct competitor of roulette but with a faster pace. The game of online baccarat is a sure stimulation and allows you long hours of pleasure… and, hopefully, a huge bankroll!

Sic Bo

Sic Bo comes from China and is played with three dice. A bit like roulette, you bet on various chances and the draw of the 3 dice tells you if you have won or not.


The most popular version of poker is Texas Hold’em but playing online poker will allow you to discover new variations and without betting a penny from your pocket.


Finally in this category we have gathered all casino games that do not have a possible category, so they will be very varied!

Online casino games guide

Casino guides

We don’t offer only online casino games, we also cover bonuses and free play options!  We also publish news in the field of online games. You will be notified of the new games, and feel free to follow us on social networks. And above all, our guide will help you discover this world of online casino games with the experience of several professionals. A single objective for us, to share our passion with you and allow you to earn more by playing smarter, and this without taking away the fun of the games, quite the opposite!

We will also analyze all the casino software providers to enable you to know who the main players are in this market. This will tell you what it means when you hear the term “Betsoft slot machine”, or when an online casino uses software such as NetEnt, Rival, RTG, etc. With this additional information, you will have a complete casino guide allowing you to better understand the world of American online casino.

Last but not least, we will provide you with a comparison of the best online casinos. We will give you a detailed and objective opinion for each casino we operate and retain for their qualities. We will negotiate exclusive bonuses for you, such as no deposit bonuses that allow you to have a real account at an online casino and play with real money that has offered you, or free spins on slot machines. So if you have mastered casino games before, you can expect to earn money in real life.

Why Play Casino Games?

You may be asking yourself this question but in the end the benefits are many:

You can play for free! No restrictions, you can play as much as you want! A free casino game does not commit you to anything. This allows you to learn rules that can sometimes be complex, and it is better to learn them without risking any of your bankroll before investing.

It’s just fun! You can play hours on a roulette wheel to play with strategies, or spin the slot machines and discover the 3D slot machines that are nowadays a simply sublime game.

Playing is the best way to discover new games. You are free to browse across a variety of online casinos and collections to gather the best of the best of all casino games. An important element to take into account before selecting your game is the software developer.

How to Win at Casino Games?

Winning at casino games

By definition, a casino game is made to be won. At the very least, have fun with a goal of winning. Whether it is a board game, a lottery, a bingo game or any other type of game, the common element is the intention to win.

With this in mind, MuchoCasinos will be very useful. We will give you the information to you for this purpose, as it will allow you to avoid having to create a multitude of accounts in online casinos to find your favorite  casino games. Here it is, fast and without registration, you can filter the games by software and find those that you like to practice until you master the rules of the games and their subtleties.

Here are Some Tips to Help You Win:

Know the rules!

If you don’t master the rules of a game, never play it with real money, it will necessarily be a loss of income, and we are here to do that, to provide you with information and support, so it would be stupid to deprive yourself of it.

Gain real experience!

The games were created with a multitude of new scenarios and surprises, including slot machines. You have to play for many hours to discover the many bonuses and their subtleties, and for that, no solution, spend time on your favorite games in order to have a real experience that will allow you to perform in real game.

Establish a strategy!

It is not just a coincidence, most of the winners are those who manage to mix pleasure with a rational approach. There are notions of gaps and trends in all games because they are fundamental notions at random, and those who try to exploit natural trends manage to get closer to a game that generates more wins than losses. In particular, it is necessary to know how to vary the bets because at many games such as roulette, modifying the selection of winning moves could not change anything but varying the bets according to the trends is an approach which makes it possible to lengthen your playing time for the same defined capital. At the slots if you can make your capital last, you will increase your chances of hitting a jackpot! In other words, there is no need to always play at maximum bets but learn to surf by chance….

Finally, the most important thing is to have: Discipline!

Discipline does not mean not taking pleasure and being like a poker player, without feeling, in “robot” mode. On the contrary, you can have a lot of stimulation without being tempted. It is simply necessary to be in good mental conditions before starting a game session. You should therefore avoid committing money if you are too tired after work, for example, or too stressed or with trouble in mind. Prefer a moment of relaxation, a Sunday at rest or when you are Zen, because the enemy of the player and the gain is the tilt. It happens much more often than we think… who hasn’t been disappointed to lose money and wanted to make it back at all costs? And when it didn’t work out, we’re ready to go all the way to the end of our gambling capital or even make a new deposit? This is the thing to avoid at all costs because the difference in gains and losses will remain negative only because of tilts!