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Roulette online rules require a few minutes of learning before you can really enjoy the game of roulette itself. That’s why you will find here the different bets and rules for roulette, as well as a glossary to master all the useful terms to enjoy this game. Which combos to win a bigger bet? What are the rules to know absolutely? Understand absolutely everything about roulette to play online roulette as a pro with this article.

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Roulette Game Mat

The Roulette game mat tells the dealer where you want to bet your chips. It indicates the different possible combinations among many possibilities and allows players to indicate the bets in order to allow different combinations of games between the 37 available numbers.

Roulette Probabilities

We will try to explain to you all the probabilities that the ball will arrive on a number. It is easy to calculate the probabilities and important to understand them when you make a decision before the ball is thrown

Begin by Analyzing the Roulette Mat

Online roulette is a game where you bet money on the table and then and hope that the ball stops on the number, color or combination you have chosen, but before you discover the rules of roulette in detail, and what the player needs to know, let’s complete our guide roulette by looking at the game table.

Roulette is therefore a game of chance composed of a roulette wheel and a betting area allowing you to place your bets. A roulette wheel has 37 squares numbered from 0 to 36 (all numbers have equal value). The squares are alternately red and black, except the 0 which is green.

The roulette mat, this famous betting area, allows you to place your bets on the desired number or color.

Know Everything There is to Know about Roulette Betting

It should be noted that the roulette rule is, in reality, a set of rules. By this we mean, to understand roulette a player should have knowledge of the various types of bets but also the payout rate according to your bet. To be able to make an educated choice and a profitable bet, MuchoCasinos have developed a glossary of the various bets and an update on their payment rate:

Roulette betting: learn it for a better chance of betting effectively

To understand the “roulette rule”, it is necessary to see clearly in terms of betting. As you know, roulette offers simple chances to win real money. Feel the thrill when the ball stops on the number: odd, red, black, dozen, wait for the outcome of the game and discover which number will be “responsible” for your jackpot. Suspense and adrenaline guaranteed. Each bet is important and can generate an incredible maximum win! We have detailed these possible bets to help you place your bet:

  1. Simple: You choose a unique number.
  2. Double: You select 2 numbers. A horseback bet means that you place your chips on the common line between two numbers.
  3. Triple: You bet on three numbers. A cross bet means placing your chip on the outer line of a row of three squares.
  4. Angle: Select 4 numbers. In order to bet angles place your chips at the intersection between these four boxes.
  5. Square: Bet on 4 numbers. Place your chips at the intersection of 4 numbers.
  6. Street: Choose 3 numbers.
  7. Line: Bet on 6 numbers. Place your tokens on the outer line at the intersection between two rows of 3 tokens.
  8. Dozen: 12 numbers chosen. Place your chips on the 12P 12M or12P boxes.
  9. 12P: Numbers between 1 and 12.
  10. 12M: Numbers between 13 and 24.
  11. 12D: Numbers between 25 and 36.
  12. Two dozen: Bet on two dozen.
  13. Pass or miss: Bet on all numbers between 1 and 18. To make this bet, place your chips in the “missing” box.
  14. Red or black: Bet on the color of which the square will be when the wheel stops. Zero is offside.
  15. Even or odd: Bet on the parity or not of the number on which the wheel will stop.

Roulette probability: a subtle element to take into account when playing for real money

In addition to the various bets, it is important to take into account the roulette probability which indicates your chance of winning, as well as the degree of remuneration of the chosen bet and which is an essential element of the “roulette rule”. We have ranked in ascending order the bets that bring the most money to online roulette users:

Red/Black Bet – 1:1 (47.37%)

Betting on colors is the most familiar. If you bet €10 on a red number and your draw is a winner, you will win the same amount and can double your capital.

Even / Odd Bet – 1:1 (47.37%)

Like color bets, it offers a 47.37% chance, slightly below the average. The payment ratio is also 1:1.

Bet 1-18 / 19-36 – 1:1 (47.37%)

Not very well paid, Missing and Pass bets also have a 47.37% chance of winning.

Dozen Bets – 2:1 (31.58%)

It offers a side that is already more interesting than the previous 2-to-1 ones, but the chances of the player winning this bet on his first roll are still slight.

Column Bet – 2:1 (31.58%)

The payment ratio is attractive (2 to 1) but the chances of immediate winnings are only 31.58%.

Bet Numbers – variable (variable)

The winnings odds vary enormously depending on the number of numbers chosen. The odds of winning by betting on a single number are only 2.63% but the payout ratio is extraordinary in this configuration (35 to 1 please!). The best alternative seems to be to bet on six different numbers with a 5-to-1 payout ratio and a 15.79% chance of winning.

Special Roulette Rules in Relation to Zero Square

When learning the rules of roulette, it is very important to pay particular attention to the case of square zero. Indeed, the zero square at roulette is the “casino square”, which allows the casino to have an advantage over the players.

The general rule of roulette 0 – Why is the zero square of the roulette special?

Some roulette games, such as European roulette, have only a single zero square. Thus, these games follow a particular rule called “in prison”. This rule allows a player who loses a single odds bet to consider his bet “in jail” instead of being lost.

So, if your number falls on the next round falls as you had bet before, you are given your bet back, but without the winnings.

If you lose the next round, you definitely lose your bet. This reduces the house’s advantage in roulette games.

Roulette rule 0 for each type of roulette – there is a special case for each variant

American roulette:

There are no special cases. You lose your entire bet because zeros are not part of the simple chances.

English roulette:

Half your bet is automatically returned.

French Roulette or European Roulette:

When the zero comes out and you have bet on a single chance (black, red, even, odd, missing or passing) two options are available to you. The sharing of your bet: the casino returns half of your bet and the bank recovers the rest.


“The imprisonment of your bet”: your bet is placed on an area provided on the mat. If the simple chance you bet on comes out the next time you roll, you get your bet back, and otherwise you lose your bet permanently.

Mexican Roulette:

All bets (except for a direct bet on zero) are lost when the zero comes out. This significantly reduces the player’s chances of winning and therefore increases the casino’s advantage over time.

In North America and the Caribbean, castors have a double or even triple zero.

In conclusion, it is always preferable to use European wheels over American wheels because they greatly reduce the casino’s advantage.

Test Your Knowledge of Roulette with Live and Free Games

The learning phase of the casino roulette rule is coming to an end and you are now ready to fly on your own. However, we would like to give you one last push beforehand. Thus, we have combined the two favorite game modes of roulette players: the free casino and the live casino.

Free games: the little extra from online casinos that allows you to practice

Free roulette game versions offer you the possibility to play roulette without betting money, and to enforce the roulette rules. So make sure, before you bet a real bet, that you have learned and practised the roulette rule via these 100% free games: a golden tip!

Live Roulette: Are you ready to test your knowledge against a real dealer?

You will quickly notice that the virtual roulette versions are interactive and can be played live: a dealer animates the game live on French or American game tables. The live roulette table is not a machine, it is a traditional roulette game thrown by the game’s presenter by hand, so you are playing against a real dealer, hence the importance of knowing the roulette rule well before playing live.

Are you ready to hold your breath when the dealer announces the winning number? Bet on a single number to multiply your winnings.

Take Part in Roulette Tournaments

Roulette rules, it’s a piece of cake now for you – you’re becoming a roulette expert! Be aware that, like land-based establishments, it is now possible to participate in roller tournaments in virtual casinos. While these types of events have many advantages in terms of compensation, it is important to know that the competition is fierce and that the circumstances of the game are very different from what you may be used to.

The competition process

An online roulette tournament can bring together up to 100,000 participants connected within the same network. The player who wishes to participate will have to register in advance, may have to pay an entry fee and select the type of roulette he is interested in.

Generally, all families of casters are available in tournaments. You don’t have to finish in the top three to hope to win a prize at these tournaments. Winnings are distributed to the top ten or twenty players depending on the casino and the nature of the competition.

Optimizing your luck

Every player encounters a “cycle of luck” and a “cycle of bad luck” when playing online. You’ll feel it as soon as your balance starts to increase.

In this type of tournament, when you go through your lucky cycle, you should not hesitate to increase your bets in order to collect as much money or credits as possible. The reverse procedure must also be used. If you feel you are losing too much, immediately reduce the value of your bets.

The interest of a tournament start is not to win everything but to survive, to lose as little as possible to last in the long term.

The application of the starting rules – the number 1 rule of Roulette remains knowing when to stop

Every player is statistically declared a long-term loser. In this case, how can we change the trend? All you have to do is set a goal at the beginning of the tournament.

The advantage is that a roller tournament is held over several days. It is therefore essential to play a little bit every 24 hours in order to keep a good pace. Every day, you will have to set a goal for yourself. The latter, in view of the final objective, could be $300 per day if the tournament takes place over five consecutive days.

Bonus – Understand the History of Roulette

Here is the extra section that will allow you to be a real expert on roulette. Expand your general knowledge and know everything, really everything – from roulette. It’s time for you to discover how your favorite game was born without further delay:

Birth of roulette: the game was born in France and created by Blaise Pascal

Roulette originated in the 17th century. It was invented by Blaise Pascal: the genius, fascinated by perpetual motion and the effect of gravity, applied his knowledge to create one of the most popular casino games to date.

It was in Paris, in 1796, that we began to play roulette according to the rule of roulette as we know it today.

Then it was banned

Like various gambling games, roulette was banned in 1836. It is then played in underground cafés. Popular 19th century writers appreciate this hazardous game; the rules of roulette are simple, which makes the game all the more popular.

No more “French roulette rule”: the game is then modified to become more profitable

The red and black squares appeared in the 18th century. It was during this period that the famous roulette rule was modified. Indeed, originally, the roulette table has two 0s. The game was at the time composed of 38 squares – a red 0 square and a black double 0 square.

François Blanc, director of the Hamburg casino, wanted to unify the game table and deleted the double 0 box, thus modifying the roulette rule and the outcome of the game. With this box removed, he is trying to reduce the casino’s advantage over the player. Luck for the players! The new rules of roulette thus attract more customers.

Roulette is exported to the United States: the variant of American roulette was born

Roulette spread across the Atlantic thanks to French immigrants who brought the game to the United States during the 19th century. With his arrival in the United States, the roulette wheel is modified again and the double 0 box is added again.

This margin of advantage for casinos reduced the popularity of the game and few people learned how to play roulette… Until prohibition ended in 1932, Nevada allowed the game back and introduced it to Las Vegas casinos.

Since then, the game has continued to win over an ever-wider and more diverse audience. Roulette is indeed the “Queen of Casinos” these days.

Roulette Bonuses to Make Your Head Spin

It is not always easy to decide which online casino bonus is the most interesting for online roulette. That’s why we’ve selected the best online casino bonuses dedicated to Roulette: Bonus with or without deposit, Happy Hours, VIP System and much more. The world of promotions will no longer have any secrets for you because we detail all types of bonuses and the procedure to follow to obtain them from the “roulette bonus”. This review therefore examines everything you need to know to earn money with bonuses.

Roulette Bonus Definition

Bonuses are a specific feature that only online casinos offer to their players, hence the expression “bonus online casino”. It is a reward that takes many forms.

Thus, an interesting “bonus roulette” is a good way for a beginner to start playing roulette. It is a sum of money that the player receives in many ways and under many conditions; it allows him to bet on roulette games without spending his own money. This money saving will provide a useful margin of error for an inexperienced player.

It should be noted that the winnings made with bonus money are withdrawable winnings, so you can actually make money with bonuses. But be mindful of the wagering requirements attached to them – always read the terms and conditions.